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Hurricane Basics

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Lawn Monday

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Trash Monday & Thursday

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Recycle Monday

Welcome to The OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the Pavilion Community in Riverview, Florida.
Conveniently located at US Hwy 301 & Falkenburg Road, Pavilion is within
one mile of I-75 and the Crosstown Expressway.

Thank you for visiting our website, please visit often! 
Join us at the Board meeting to share your ideas on the third Thursday
 of every month at the Pavilion Clubhouse @ 7 pm.

Thursday, 16 June, Pavilion Board members approved 29 paint colors for home owners to choose from. The paint notebook is in the Clubhouse and now available to choose from. A homeowner still needs to submit the color of their choice from the book. A matching trim/front door color of the home owner's choosing must also be submitted.

ACC meetings are held every 3 weeks on a Tuesday. The next meeting is 4 August followed by 25 August. The deadline for applications is the prior Friday at 5pm. This gives committee members the opportunity to read the application and investigate the submission.

                                                                    IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS

Lou Ellen Wilson Property Manager 813-645-1569 LWilson@LEWilsonInc.com
Pavilion Clubhouse 813-246-9183 Clubhouse@pavilionpoa.us
County Sheriff Non-Emergency  813-247-8200  
County Fire Department 813-282-3171  

District IV Neighborhood Watch Liason Officer, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Diana I. Watson




County Sheriff Administrative    813-247-8000  
County Sheriff Crime Prevention  813-247-8115  
County Neighborhood Office 813-272-5860  
Homeowners Helpline 813-641-8545  
County Animal Services Dept  813-744-5660  


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To report pet problems, people not cleaning up after dogs, and strays:  County Code Enforcement



To report debris, inoperable vehicles, overgrown bushes, improper fences, overnight parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas, lack of swimming pool fencing, etc: County Public Works, 7-5 Weekdays – 813-635-5400

To report potholes, sidewalk hazards, storm water drains, traffic sign or traffic light problems, and road flooding.  After hours, weekends and holidays call the Citizen Action Center - 813-272-5900


City Of Tampa Water   813-274-7400  
County Utilities (Sewage, Water)  813-274-8811  
County Utilities (Emergency)   813-744-5600  


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Poison Control Center


Ruskin Community Development County Extension Service – 813-744-5519

For assistance with yards and landscaping
Florida Friendly Yards – 813-744-5519 ext 142  http://www.floridayards.org/


The Pavilion Clubhouse is located at:
3330 Manor Cove
Riverview, Florida 33578
(813) 246-9183
Email: clubhouse@pavilionpoa.us
Summer hours are Noon - 10 pm and winter hours are 2 pm - 10 pm.

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